Securities Deposit and Transfer of Securities
Securities Deposit

  1. Endorse all stock certificates by signing in the space provided.

  2. Indicate your Huajin Securities (International) Limited’s securities account number on the upper right hand corner at the back of each stock certificate (Do in pencil)

  3. Delivers the endorsed share certificates to the following address:

    Suite 1101, 11/F, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, H.K.


  • The registered name of the stock certificate must be the same as accountholder(s).

  • No mailing of share certificate is accepted.

  • Stock certificates received are subjected to a holding period from the date of your receipt, which varies according to the market in which it is listed, before the stock can be sold.

Transfer of Securities via CCASS

If you need to transfer securities from outside broker or bank via CCASS to your HSIL securities account, please:

  1. Complete the Securities Settlement Instructions ("Form") ;

  2. Sign the Form by all the account holders;

  3. Mail or fax signed form to :

    Suite 1101, 11/F, Citibank Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, H.K. (Attn: Customer Service Dept.)
    Fax no. : (852) 31 033 030


  • Please inform your broker or bank (original) you will transfer out the securities to Huajin Securities (International) Limited;

  • If transferring securities from more than one outsider broker, please submit a separate Form for different Brokers or banks;

  • The account name with outside broker must be identical to your account name with HSIL;

  • The transfer of securities will be reflected in your HSIL’s securities account once the process is completed. You may only sell the securities after the securities has been reflected in your account.

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