Investment Banking
Corporate Finance Division:

We provide one-stop investment banking services including equity financing and financial advisory services. Riding on the wide business coverage of Huajin International and group members of Huafa Group, we are able to provide comprehensive financial services to accommodate our clients’ needs. For example:

• Providing a wide range of corporate finance services, including IPO sponsorship and pre-IPO advisory, underwriting, secondary placing, private equity, merger & acquisition, etc.;

• Identifying investment highlights of our clients and developing marketing strategy with our Equity Capital Market division in order to maximise the amount of fund raised and benefits of our clients;

• Providing various advisory services, such as financial advisory for listed and non-listed companies, independent financial advisory for independent board committee, as well as compliance advisory for listed companies

Equity Capital Market Division::

We have accumulated hands-on experience in equity capital market in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas and we have in-depth knowledge in different financial products, which enable us to provide professional market analysis and advices to our customers.

We serve as a bridge between the issuer and potential investors. We provide services and advices in determining the offering structure, managing underwriting syndicate, book building, coordinating roadshow, taking lead in price determination and shares allocation and on-going share price monitoring and analysis.

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