The specification of US Securities Market

The US stock market is the highest market capitalization in the world. The US stock market mainly includes the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, and some of companies are the world's strongest companies.

Unlike companies listed in certain markets that only publish semi-annual or annual results, listed companies in the US release company results quarterly adhering to high transparency standards, which allows investors to access relevant data and information easily and which makes the US stock market an efficient investment market.

Trading methods

1. For US stock trading, Clients can deposit US dollar or use the purchasing power from Hong Kong dollar. If clients use the purchasing power from Hong Kong dollar for US stock trading and did not deposit such US dollar or give any currency exchange instructions to us, corresponding interest will be claimed;

2. US stock transaction will be settled by USD, Huajin will help clients to exchange currency in following situations:
 (1) Upon client’s transaction, the exchange rate will be shown in the trading platform for reference only.
 (2) Up until further client’s instruction, otherwise, the account will hold the foreign currency balance as remained.
 (3) In times when Huajin helping clients exchange currency, exchange rate will be referenced from the relevant Hong Kong bank rates. Huajin reserves no responsibility to notify the client in advance.

3. The trading unit of US stock is one share. You can trade as low as one share in each transaction;

4. No physical stock deposit or withdrawal service is available;

5. Margin financing service and Short-selling service are not available for the US stock trading;

6. Technical support will be provided until 3:00a.m. (HKT);

7. As the transaction time and trading day vary among global market products, it is the client’s responsibility to be aware of each product’s respective transaction time and trading day.

Trading hours

US Eastern Time* 9:30 am-4:00 pm
HK Time* 9:30 pm-4:00 am of the following day (Summer Time**)
10:30 pm-5:00 am of the following day (Winter Time**)

* Without lunch break

** The Summer Time in US begins at 2:00am (local time) on the second Sunday in March and reverts to Winter Time at 2:00am (local time) on the first Sunday in November.

Settlement information

The settlement day of US stock trading is 2 business days after the trade is executed (T+2).

US Holiday

US holidays can be found in NYSE’s website for reference:

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